Pilgrims Crossing

Pilgrims Crossing


Alas, a stir in the world has attracted attention to certain prophecies of the nearly obscure Pilgrims Temple of the Third Heaven, their principal shrine newly ensconced in the Museum of American Art in Washington, DC (the Throne of the Third Heaven, a real world artifact on display in DC). The Pilgrims, an African-American sect, approach the fraught millenium, and their annual December Camp Meeting on Savannah River in deep Georgia. Pilgrims Temple Sisters Albert and Gwendolyn, the latter in bridal array, set-out by train for Savannah as their stories, and those of the Temple, unfold from the 1860's to the age of Rap. Forces in the air herald a coming conflict, including murders of young street dealers in drugs. DC Detective Weems tracks his suspect from the nation's capital, to Pilgrims Temple, Memphis, and ultimately to the Temple ceremonies of the Chosen on the banks of Savannah River. His principal suspect is an Elder of the Temple of the Third Heaven, retired New Orleans police official Gabriel Watson, who might be engaged in a vendetta against street toughs because of their involvement in the death of his Temple mentor. Watson and former Memphis Detective Dub Jenkins both knew this Memphis victim and share information. Sister Albert has delivered her new friend Gwendolyn from the clutches of despair. Gwendolyn is chosen to represent their DC Temple at the annual ceremonies in which select women of the church become Brides of the church similar to Catholic nuns. Sister Albert is slowly growing into "mystic" powers that occasionally uncover themselves as they grow stronger for the coming fight between the forces of worldly humanity and the restraining demons of perdition. Sister Bert becomes intrumental in this confrontation. The narrative follows all these characters and others whom fate draws into the tasks focused on the Savannah Camp Meeting, and prophecies of Revelations along with the Temple's wholly original Book of the New Millenium. All come to see slowly materializing demons representative of the forces which must be fought. That combat grows out of the ceremonies of the Camp Meeting. Our Lieutenant Detective Weems is unknowingly drawn into the confrontation of forces, but ultimately identifies the killer in the scrum of ceremonial preparations on the banks of Savannah River.

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R T Streide
Paperback | 272 pages
140 x 216 x 14mm | 318g
Publication date
16 Mar 2016
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform