The Quick Update and New Stuff


Been trying to make this joint a little more presentable these days…one might be tempted to believe that as I no longer regularly host The Wicked Library, I have just oodles of time!


But, I’ve been busy!  And, I’m really going to make an effort to update this site on a more regular basis…like, weekly if I can pull it off…which I’m really going to try to do.

But first, what I’ve been up to lately…

EHIAN Front Cover - 6 x 9 v3

I’ve got a new book out called EVERYTHING HERE IS A NIGHTMARE!  The fine folks at Burning Bulb Publishing have made this book look gorgeous!!  It’s a collection of 15 short works-14 stories and an unproduced teleplay that will eventually become a novel. It’s available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle!  There’s some really good stuff in here (if I do say so myself) so go git yer copy kiddies!

I mentioned The Wicked Library…the new host Dan Foytik is doing a tremendous job thus far and really has elevated the show to new heights. However, the one part of the show I did not hand over was the Halloween Episode!

For one day a year, I will crawl out of my hole and host the Halloween Special and boy, is this year’s special going to be…well, special!

It will be recorded LIVE on October 17th at the awesome Rickert and Beagle Books store in Pittsburgh PA!  All attendees will be asked to bring a blanket to donate for the homeless. The show will feature stories read to the victims audience including a dramatic read from Dan (because what a dick move to wrench the show away from him on Halloween…I didn’t want to hog the fun!)

I’ll announce the authors AT THE SHOW and the recoding will be available on…when else, HALLOWEEN!!

The aforementioned Dan Foytik has a lot of things cooking on his end, including a pod series called “The Lift” featuring his creepy little girl character Victoria. I’ve written a very dark episode that will be forthcoming, but get caught up at the main site here. Lots of great writers have contributed stories for this upcoming season incliding Kerry Lipp and the every kick ass C. Bryan Brown.

I’m working on the long awaited sequel to DEMONS DOLLS AND MILKSHAKES as we speak as well as a very dark novel set in the mid nineteen seventies. No titles for either, but that usually comes later for me…and subsequently for you!

The audio version of Bret Bouriseau’s THE PRINCE OF KNOCKNAFAY is finally available!  The infamous “Book in a Bottle” can be ordered online at or from Bret his own self. So much more to come on this fun thingity thing!!

I thank all of you for your support!  Please stick around!  I’ll be adding all kinds of stuff very very soon!