Suddenly, BLOG


There has been so much stuff going on as of late, that I haven’t had time to write in my public know, the one I swore I’d keep up with a while ago?

Yeah, this one.

Well, here we are, several months later.  Lots of things have changed…

For one thing, this new thing I do, “The Wicked Library” has sort of unexpectedly taken off.  I’m not really used to that to be honest, and fortunately it’s time-consuming enough to where I don’t actually have time to process it and panic.  I mean, it’s doing really well.  It’s been received well by the authors who’ve let me read their work and by the folks listening.  Hell, one of my favorite all time authors, Mr Joe R Lansdale not only let me read one of his stories, but he liked it enough to link to it on his website.  That’s pretty cool to this writing nerd.

The show has been a beautiful kick in the creative arse that I needed for some time.  It’s a lot of fun and very satisfying.  I plan on doing this for the forseeable future…or until I’m told to knock it off…

I’m still writing as well.  My plan to abandon my first novel, which had been in rewrites, was cancelled by someone asking if I was done with the rewrites.  Yeah, back to work on that one…with a vengance.

And a story I wrote very recently called “A Box of Candy” has been purchased and will be in an anthology to be named and plugged shamelessly later.  That’s always good as I am an author…

The online comic “Forever After” is on a small break; mega artist Crystal (Aja) Ash is involved with some bitchin’ art opportunities, so we’re chilaxin’ for a bit.  The next issue is pretty well written and holy crap is it awesome!!  You won’t be disappointed.

Musically, not a whole lot going on; I’m enjoying writing and the new job of broadcaster right now.  The recording element of The Wicked Library seems to more than satisfy the performing impulses, although I won’t say I’m done with music (although it may be done with me.)

One thing though…I do not discuss politics on this site for a reason.  The political climate is such so that the dastardly ‘choosing a side’ is damning on every level.  People who hate me know nothing about my political loyalties.  I’ll tell you  if you ask nice, but I’m friends with folks from every possible political faction you can think of, and there are plenty.

I think I sit where most Americans sit, which is firmly entrenched in what I view as the right thing.  The right thing is neither left or right, it is simply the right thing.  Whatever your definition of that may be, if it moves you, then you act accordingly.  Doing the right thing often times is not the popular thing and sometimes you will be alone in doing the right thing. 

This is okay. It’s called conviction.

What is not okay is the verbal brow beating and name calling for having a difference of opinion.  It happens from both sides.  Ironically, the cries of tollerance are often infused with name calling and hate.  Cyber bullying is still bullying even when you’re calling someone a name for doing the very thing you are clearly railing against.  This is hypocricy.  It’s not like it, it is the definition.  You will never have tolerance by being intolerant yourself.  You destroy your argument.  And I have no tolerance for that bullshit and you should have no tolerance for it either. 

I’ve watched good friends jump all over each other from some clap trap bullshit someone on the radio said in passing.  Opinions are very much like assholes…everyone has one, and it usually stinks.  However, I keep and love the friends I have regardless of their political affiliations.  Why?

Because after the election, they will all go back to being themselves and will likely stop giving a shit, regardless of who wins.

And they’ll need a friend who isn’t yelling at them.

Then I’ll advise them to listen to my show, because great horror fiction heals all wounds.  I think if your conservative/liberal friend is all bummed out after the election, invite then over for some coffee and a sitdown viewing of “Trick or Treat.”  Not everyone can agree on politics, but I think we can all agree Anna Paquin in a little Red Riding Hood outfit surrounded by werewolves is pretty fucking awesome.  (No, really…this movie kicks ass!)

I’ll try to write more in here.  Sorry I’ve been away and stuff.  Thanks for all of your continued support!!  You all seriously ROCK!