“She Makes Me Smile” Delivers

(This is a repost from my Amazon review of this story.  If you frequesnt my site, you know what I’m talking about already.  If not, you can check it in the BLOG section.)

Given the build up of the release of this short story (which I won’t go into here) there was a whole lot of pressure and speculation as to the quality of the story. Sure, she got screwed obviously with the unwarranted rewrite of the first incarnation of it, but the elephant in the room has been “Is the story any good?”

Yes. Yes it is.

The author takes time building a nearly claustrophobic atmosphere leading to a deliciously creepy payoff. Building tension and delivering the goods is difficult to do, and DeGeit does an effective job with both. The tight editing by superauthor Kelli Owen (a nice example of solid editing as I’ve read the legendary botched edit) adds to the story, moving it along to the gruesome end. I can’t go into details as it is a short story and anything really would spoil the whole damn thing. But, the cover is amazing even more once you’re done.

Give it a read-at 99 cents, it’s a steal and the money goes to do some good.

DeGeit has a solid future as a writer. What will be interesting to see is the next set of work that comes out of her. Give her a shot.
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