On The Road

That’s right!  Going on the road-not for music this time.  I’ll be going to two (so far) horror conventions in the next couple of months.

The first is one of my favoritesHorror Realm!  I’ll be there Friday and Saturday (March 7th and 8th) at the Post Mortem Press table with mega badass author Jessica McHugh and publisher head honcho, Eric Beebe.  Jess is way fun and you should come by just to meet her-it’s almost a deterrent that I’ll be there too…

I’ll be signing copies of DEMONS DOLLS AND MILKSHAKES and Jessica will be signing copies of her bounty of novels as well.  Come by, say hi and we might just sing show tunes until you buy stuff!

In April, I’ll be at Chiller Theatre in my home state of New Jersey!  Author Jason Downes will be swinging by and of course, the mighty Eric Beebe will be there as well.  I’ll be there the entire weekend (April 25th, 26th and 27th) so please stop by and say hello.  It’s no secret that I’ve always wanted to be on the other side of a table at Chiller, and this is a total charge for me; I’ve gone to Chiller for years, even after I relocated to Pittsburgh, and it’s always a really good time at the show.

If there are any other updates, I’ll be sure and post it here, or on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Rock on kiddies!!