Looking Ahead to 2014

As the year closes, in lieu of ‘reflecting’ on all the cool stuff that happened this year, I really want to focus on what’s ahead.  But, I do have to point out a few things that did happen this year because what is to come is based on these groovy things!

My first novel DEMONS, DOLLS and MILKSHAKES was released in September from Post Mortem Press and has done really very well in terms of sales and reviews.  A sequel is already under way and I’m hoping to have it done by midyear or earlier as well as a short story featuring the main demon of the story, the beloved and reviled Stitch.

 The Wicked Library rocketed into higher ground this year with the addition of two things; an audience for one thing and the addition of Maddie Von Stark.  Starting in April of 2013, Maddie has provided the artwork for every story that appeared on TWL.  She has also become the ‘other half’ of the show.  It’s an equal partnership and it has really upped the ante for what this show is capable of doing.  It’s been a hell of a year for both of us and we look forward to finishing season three (our most successful season yet) and introducing our new website in 2014!  Maddie is a total super badass author as well as being a top notch artist.  We have a whole lot of cool stuff to come!

Speaking of podcasting, the Society 13 Podcast Network that I co-run with David Fairhead did exceptionally well in 2013 since making its debut.  Our shows other than TWL, Kettle Whistle Radio, Mouthing Off and TBA with Mr. Pink all saw bigger audiences this year, putting us on the map.  Much more to come!  Thanks to Dave, Chris Westrick, Mr. Pink, as well as Lydia Peever, Mandy DeGeit, Miz Dee, Heather Taddy and the ever rotating cast of co-hosts on KWR. S13 is very much on the climb.

I have partnered up with actress and former fitness model Ahmo Hight to write her story, tentatively titled LIFE OUT OF CONTEXT.  She’s much more than a pretty face and the story she has to tell is shocking at times, inspiring in others.  It’s a great story of perseverance and triumph of the spirit by an amazing woman who has spent the majority of her life being worshipped and misunderstood-often at the same time.  What we’ve got so far is really great stuff and I’m looking very forward to helping Ahmo bring her story into the light.  This is a very exciting project for me as well for her.


I’m doing something called ‘A Story a Week.’ For the next 52 weeks, I’ll be writing a short story-one for every week (thus the name.)  This should get really interesting as it will get me closer to the work ethic of Jessica McHugh, who works harder at writing than anyone I know.

The final chapter in the “Forever After” web comic will officially come to a close this year provided Crystal Ash and I can get organized!  It seems we both got busy with other things and just never started the “Hunters Hunted” story, but we want to put it to bed and give our three vampire girls Brenda, Madeline and Eleanor a fitting farewell.

There will be new music from the band X-Proph3t coming up in 2014 as well as something really freaking cool that I am not at liberty to discuss, but it should be pretty damn cool…trust me.

I’m sure other stuff will come up and I’ll post about it as it comes along…no, really.  I will!

I want to thank everyone who helped make this one of the best years I’ve ever had as an author.

I hope 2014 is a good year for us all!