Demons, Dolls and Milkshakes and More

I’ve been honestly trying to update this website for two weeks!!  Sheesh…but, here we go!

The book is out!  You can get DEMONS, DOLLS, AND MILKSHAKES from Amazon, the main Post Mortem Press Website.  Sooner than later, pretty much everywhere I am as well.

This whole experience has been surreal. It’s Christmas when you’re 10 and you actually get everything you put on your wish list (if having your novel published was on your list.)

I’m really excited for people to read this book and I hope you, dear (and patient) reader are one of them!  there has been a lot of things happening at once.  I’ll get to them all sooner or later, but the book is paramount for me right now.

I’ll have info about the band (X-PROPH3T) and of course The Wicked Library (HUGE stuff going on there.)

If you want to catch up, here are a couple of links to tide you over with the whole ‘What the hell has Nelson been doing??’  (Or maybe even the whole “Why the fuck do we care what he’s been doing?”)

First, click this link to hear an interview with me and my band X-Proph3t on Kettle Whistle Radio with David Fairhead.  It’s a fun one with songs to listen to and as Dave cracks wise with me, Chuck and Tony.

Second, a one on one interview with Dr. Jon Towers from Red Horse Radio.  It’s a funny, frank interview about the book, Society 13, music and fun stuff.  Very cool interview!

I hope all is well with you-more updates with a bit more frequency-promise!