Novus-Into the Future

Told you I was busy…

Novus is a band comprised of composer/podcaster Tony Rowsick, Joe “Tobiah” Hale and myself. Frankly, I have myself listed as ‘stunt vocalist’ and I do write most of the words, but the real nuts and bolts of the band is Tony as the main composer.

All of the music on this CD was composed by Tony. 90% of the lyrics and vocals are mine (Tony and his son Paul take awesome turns on Devil Bird and Gutter Man.)

Into the Future is the first recorded work from us and you can download this bad boy from right here! It’s totally on the cheap and you can even pick and choose individual tracks. Kinda cool huh?

Currently, Tony is sending me music and I’m working on lyrics. It’s a good job! The follow up will be forthcoming and I hope you dig it. For now, please check this work out. Let me know what you think.

In the meantime, check out our Facebook page because…Facebook of course!


Book in a Bottle Available Now!!!



A project I am extremely proud of is the audio version of Bret Bouriseau’s novel THE PRINCE OF KNOCKNAFAY! It’s a swashbuckling raucous adventure like you’ve never read before and probably the most fun I’ve had narrating!  Get on board and order the BOOK IN A BOTTLE…now, get a load of this…

The BIAB is the entire e-book and the full audio version embedded in a wine cork USB drive! Author Bret cooked this little thing of genius up and pulled it off!! You can order your copy right here!

It’s a lot of fun and a severely unique thing to have-honest!!


From The Abyss Pre Order!

FUll cover of “Fear The Abyss”

Hi everyone!

I love that you all have helped make my podcast pretty popular these days, but as if to remind you, I’m an author as well and I have a brand new story in an upcoming anthology called Fear the Abyss!

The book features other authors like Jessica McHugh, C Bryan Brown, Paul Anderson, the mighty Jack Ketchum and my all time favorite short story author, Harlan Ellison®.  (Really, he requires the ®)

Get this book-it’s a great one and features my short story A BOX OF CANDY.

Pick it up at AMAZON right HERE.