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The Wicked Library Main Web Site

As you all know (or at this point should be aware) that I’m no longer hosting The Wicked Library. I’m still very much involved: I’m always involved, but updates here seem to be kinda pointless as TWL has a very kick ass website right HERE. It really is a great looking website and nearly all of the episodes are up there. Dan has done an exceptional job with the site and the show for that matter.

Don’t worry-I haven’t fallen off of the podcasting tree-you can catch the new show, CLAN OF THE CAVE HORSE which is hosted by Dr Jon Towers, comedian Melanie Friedrich and myself. The second Tuesday of every month on the Caveman Mafia!

With that being said, I WILL be back to host every Halloween!  (Listen to the last Halloween Special. )



One Month Later…

So, I reckon now, I’m a novelist.

For all the obvious reasons-I have a novel and you can buy it.  Does that make me a novelist, or do I need to write some more?

I may never figure it out, but I am working on the sequel to DEMONS, DOLLS & MILKSHAKES as we speak.  I’m about 80 pages in and I think you’re going to like this one.

At least I hope you do.

So many things popping around here, I can’t get into all of it.  The run-on sentence version is parenting, writing, podcast, website for said podcast, music, more writing, promotion for the existing book, writing, and on occasion, I can sleep.

Kind of.

I know I promised to do more on here, and I will.  I promise.

I’ll even get around to telling you about the hat I wear when I’m in ‘author mode.’  (You lucky bastards…)

Gotta get back to grinding out some stuff.  I hope you’re all doing well!


Buy DEMONS DOLLS AND MILKSHAKES if you haven’t already.  It makes me look good to the publishers and  you’re eventually gonna want more stuff from me (I hope.)



The Wicked Library-Version 2.0

Hello, Kiddies!!

As you can see, seson one has been taken down.  For a multitude of reasons, the “Librarian” has deemed this change necessary for the time being.  The podcast, now in its second season wishes to do things a little…differently. 

There are plans for Season One, so don’t fret, Boils and Ghouls…

As for this NEW SEASON??

You can listen HERE or get in on the RSS (the lil logo down below.) Come and get it, horror fans!  So much more to come from your FEINDS at THE WICKED LIBRARY!!

And you can catch us on iTunes as well!  Hell, yes you can!  Click HERE and make it happen!!

There are so many things going on…..See Next Post!!!
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Review-The Woman

I was pretty lucky last year to have had one of my stories appear in an anthology called Dark Doorways published by the mighty Post Mortem Press.  The anthology was made ultra-awesome in that four of my favorite authors are also in the book.  F. Paul Wilson, John Marberry, Lucky McKee and the mighty Jack Ketchum.  McKee and Ketchum’s contribution was both a novel excerpt and a screenplay scene from their collaborative effort “The Woman.”  I had been meaning to watch the movie and finally an opportunity presented itself to sit down, kick the feet up and watch it.

It didn’t take long for the feet to come down and watch the film with my mouth open.

The following hour and forty some minutes were spent literally trying to remain somewhat comfortable watch one of the most uncomfortable films I’ve seen in a good long time.  This is not a bad thing.  If McKee (who directed based off of the script he and Ketchum wrote based on their novel) had intended to make you uncomfortable as hell and not allow you to look away, then he wins.

The woman in question is played by Pollyanna McIntosh.  She is a feral, brutal thing that scares the Christ out of you almost immediately.  She oozes predator without a single word.


Yeah, see what I mean?

When a local lawyer goes hunting, he sees the woman washing by the river.  He decides he’s going to take and ‘civilize’ the woman because it’s the right thing to do.

By the way, he has three kids and a wife that he wants to help him.

Oh, and he’s an abusive bastard.

On this level, the most uncomfortable and disturbing scenes are the ones with his family.  The amazing Angela Bettis plays Belle, the long suffering wife and you can understand everything this woman has suffered from her husband Chris with just the expressionless hollow stare she manages to maintain for the bulk of the film.  Chris doesn’t even raise a hand to anyone in his family until nearly the halfway point and when he does, it’s as stark and cold and stinging as can be.  Sean Bridgers who plays Chris gives a very subtle and great performance; the family scenes are the most suffocating I’ve ever seen.

Ah, but the woman!As the film rolls on, it gets progressively more brutal on all levels and when the ends hits, it hits pretty fucking hard.  This is one of those films that forces you to pick a side and there are a few to pick believe it or not.  Solid performances from the bulk of the cast and a great final sequence.

This movie doesn’t move without McIntosh though; she owns it and makes it her bitch.  She’s so damn believable at being unbelievable.  She is both sympathetic and fucking terrifying to watch.

I feel badly for not getting to see this one sooner, but I’m a hell of a lot prouder that I’m in the same book with the two men who wrote this amazing movie.

By the way-NOT a date film.  Just sayin’…

Great movie all around.  Check it out-currently it is on Netflix.



“She Makes Me Smile” Delivers

(This is a repost from my Amazon review of this story.  If you frequesnt my site, you know what I’m talking about already.  If not, you can check it in the BLOG section.)

Given the build up of the release of this short story (which I won’t go into here) there was a whole lot of pressure and speculation as to the quality of the story. Sure, she got screwed obviously with the unwarranted rewrite of the first incarnation of it, but the elephant in the room has been “Is the story any good?”

Yes. Yes it is.

The author takes time building a nearly claustrophobic atmosphere leading to a deliciously creepy payoff. Building tension and delivering the goods is difficult to do, and DeGeit does an effective job with both. The tight editing by superauthor Kelli Owen (a nice example of solid editing as I’ve read the legendary botched edit) adds to the story, moving it along to the gruesome end. I can’t go into details as it is a short story and anything really would spoil the whole damn thing. But, the cover is amazing even more once you’re done.

Give it a read-at 99 cents, it’s a steal and the money goes to do some good.

DeGeit has a solid future as a writer. What will be interesting to see is the next set of work that comes out of her. Give her a shot.
Get it here!