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As you all know (or at this point should be aware) that I’m no longer hosting The Wicked Library. I’m still very much involved: I’m always involved, but updates here seem to be kinda pointless as TWL has a very kick ass website right HERE. It really is a great looking website and nearly all of the episodes are up there. Dan has done an exceptional job with the site and the show for that matter.

Don’t worry-I haven’t fallen off of the podcasting tree-you can catch the new show, CLAN OF THE CAVE HORSE which is hosted by Dr Jon Towers, comedian Melanie Friedrich and myself. The second Tuesday of every month on the Caveman Mafia!

With that being said, I WILL be back to host every Halloween!  (Listen to the last Halloween Special. )



One Month Later…

So, I reckon now, I’m a novelist.

For all the obvious reasons-I have a novel and you can buy it.  Does that make me a novelist, or do I need to write some more?

I may never figure it out, but I am working on the sequel to DEMONS, DOLLS & MILKSHAKES as we speak.  I’m about 80 pages in and I think you’re going to like this one.

At least I hope you do.

So many things popping around here, I can’t get into all of it.  The run-on sentence version is parenting, writing, podcast, website for said podcast, music, more writing, promotion for the existing book, writing, and on occasion, I can sleep.

Kind of.

I know I promised to do more on here, and I will.  I promise.

I’ll even get around to telling you about the hat I wear when I’m in ‘author mode.’  (You lucky bastards…)

Gotta get back to grinding out some stuff.  I hope you’re all doing well!


Buy DEMONS DOLLS AND MILKSHAKES if you haven’t already.  It makes me look good to the publishers and  you’re eventually gonna want more stuff from me (I hope.)



The Wicked Library-Version 2.0

Hello, Kiddies!!

As you can see, seson one has been taken down.  For a multitude of reasons, the “Librarian” has deemed this change necessary for the time being.  The podcast, now in its second season wishes to do things a little…differently. 

There are plans for Season One, so don’t fret, Boils and Ghouls…

As for this NEW SEASON??

You can listen HERE or get in on the RSS (the lil logo down below.) Come and get it, horror fans!  So much more to come from your FEINDS at THE WICKED LIBRARY!!

And you can catch us on iTunes as well!  Hell, yes you can!  Click HERE and make it happen!!

There are so many things going on…..See Next Post!!!
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