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Let’s Try This…Again

It’s again, been a long time.  Almost to my own detriment really.  I mean, look at the updates that “announce” that’s I’m going to update this site on a regular basis…it’s sad.  Very sad…

But, I’ve been doing pretty okay with the good ole social media sites and since I’m actually PAYING for this website, I should use it a ton more.

So, a brief explanation for that is that the social media outlets are super easy to maintain because I can do all of it with my phone. I do updates for Facebook on a bus ride, or an Instagram video waiting for my kid to finish up yoga, or Tweeting something snarky while I’m taking a walk.

But, as I write this, I’m sitting, drinking a cup of coffee and trying to be quiet so I don’t wake everyone in the house. (Sitting and writing is usually quiet, except when I spill coffee on my shirt and exclaim “Ah, ya fucking bastard!” That wakes folks, believe me.)

There’s a bunch of stuff going on since last I posted. All of it…well, most of it cool,  but I want to take the time to thank you for coming here and reading this in the first place. The reactions from my sudden acumen in social media dancing are positive (along with the writing and music) and since I’m trying to figure out how to make all of this work including this site, I really owe you readers/listener/friends. It’s difficult to find supporters in a saturated world, and I’m really grateful for the ones I have made over the years.

I will not be promising to update on a regular basis, I’m simply going to do it.

So look around, kiddies! Thanks for your continued support!


The Quick Update and New Stuff


Been trying to make this joint a little more presentable these days…one might be tempted to believe that as I no longer regularly host The Wicked Library, I have just oodles of time!


But, I’ve been busy!  And, I’m really going to make an effort to update this site on a more regular basis…like, weekly if I can pull it off…which I’m really going to try to do.

But first, what I’ve been up to lately…

EHIAN Front Cover - 6 x 9 v3

I’ve got a new book out called EVERYTHING HERE IS A NIGHTMARE!  The fine folks at Burning Bulb Publishing have made this book look gorgeous!!  It’s a collection of 15 short works-14 stories and an unproduced teleplay that will eventually become a novel. It’s available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle!  There’s some really good stuff in here (if I do say so myself) so go git yer copy kiddies!

I mentioned The Wicked Library…the new host Dan Foytik is doing a tremendous job thus far and really has elevated the show to new heights. However, the one part of the show I did not hand over was the Halloween Episode!

For one day a year, I will crawl out of my hole and host the Halloween Special and boy, is this year’s special going to be…well, special!

It will be recorded LIVE on October 17th at the awesome Rickert and Beagle Books store in Pittsburgh PA!  All attendees will be asked to bring a blanket to donate for the homeless. The show will feature stories read to the victims audience including a dramatic read from Dan (because what a dick move to wrench the show away from him on Halloween…I didn’t want to hog the fun!)

I’ll announce the authors AT THE SHOW and the recoding will be available on…when else, HALLOWEEN!!

The aforementioned Dan Foytik has a lot of things cooking on his end, including a pod series called “The Lift” featuring his creepy little girl character Victoria. I’ve written a very dark episode that will be forthcoming, but get caught up at the main site here. Lots of great writers have contributed stories for this upcoming season incliding Kerry Lipp and the every kick ass C. Bryan Brown.

I’m working on the long awaited sequel to DEMONS DOLLS AND MILKSHAKES as we speak as well as a very dark novel set in the mid nineteen seventies. No titles for either, but that usually comes later for me…and subsequently for you!

The audio version of Bret Bouriseau’s THE PRINCE OF KNOCKNAFAY is finally available!  The infamous “Book in a Bottle” can be ordered online at or from Bret his own self. So much more to come on this fun thingity thing!!

I thank all of you for your support!  Please stick around!  I’ll be adding all kinds of stuff very very soon!


May 22, 2015


In case you didn’t already hear, I have stepped down as the regular host of my podcast, The Wicked Library. The new host is Dan Foytik, the host of another podcast called the 9th Story. He’s a good storyteller and an excellent voice for the show moving forward and continuing past the previous dinosaur (namely, me.) I adored my time in the story teller seat, and I think Dan is the only guy for the job. It’s gonna rock and I can’t wait to hear what he does.

As to the why I left, it’s really very simple.

I didn’t want to hate doing it and I never got there, but I was really close. Sometimes you need to listen to your inner voice and take heed. It feels right to do it now.

My partner and sister in crime Maddie Von Stark is moving on up to much bigger and better as well, although we both will still have a slight hand in the show. I’ll still be the voice of “The Librarian” and Mads will give some art to the show here and there. I’m so very proud of Stark; her novel THE WIDOW’S GAME comes out in June finally and I’m really excited for her. It’s been a long road for her and I couldn’t be happier for her. You should get it and read it-it’s fantastic!

I also needed to leave because at the end of the day, of all of the authors that need to be promoted, I’m one of them too. I have a lot of stuff that needs attention like two books that have been speaking to me furiously for a long time now and the show severely got in the way of making that happen.

I also have been picking up narration work. My very first job was narrating the great Kenneth W Cain‘s collection of short stories FRESH CUT TALES. The latest work is the upcoming audio version of author/artist Bret Bouriseau’s fun adventure novel TRAVERS MCCRAKEN: THE PRINCE OF KNOCKNAFAY which will be coming soon, but you should really get the book as well…it’s awesome!

I do want to say that working on The Wicked Library was a really grand experiment that not only worked, but WORKS and still does. It remains an honor to have created something much bigger than myself and something that is not only fun, but useful. It’s an ongoing gift to the community of horror and suspense writers that inspired it in the first place. I hope it goes ever on from here and becomes even better.

The show, by the way has been nominated for a Parsec Award in the Story category and it’s up against Welcome to Night Vale…so, it’s nice to have been nominated…but you never know!

That’s all I have right now. I’ll be here with more frequency…no, really.  Honest this time…much different than all those other times I lied and just split.

Catch you all soon, Kiddies!!



Failure and the People Who Fail You

We all fail.  Every single one of us fails at something.  Maybe, it feels like we fail all the time.  It’s depressing to be sure.

I know.  Sometimes, I feel like a total abject failure in spite of the successes I’ve made.  Looking outside, we wouldn’t assume some people feel that way.  I get that a lot.  “Oh, you’re a published author! You’ve got a novel out there!  That’s so exciting!  You’ve made it!!”

They’re right and oh, so wrong.  It’s really exciting.  But, I’m hardly a best seller at this point and I still have to work for a living.  I know plenty of authors who have published multiple novels and still work regular jobs.  There are a lot more of those kind of writers than you think.

I am one of them.

Yes, it’s depressing, but it doesn’t make me a failure, right?


Failing at something is as simple as not getting what you were going for, or something that just didn’t happen.  Failure, I have learned is an excellent, if not harsh teacher.  You can learn a lot about yourself when you fail at something, but to be clear about what it takes to fail means you have to actually TRY to do something in order to fail.

If you spend more time staring at a blank page and hitting up your FB page about how you almost wrote something doesn’t make you a writer.  It doesn’t even make you a failed writer.

It makes you lazy first and foremost.

That’s not failure-you’re a very successful lazy bastard!

So, how do people fail you?  Failing yourself is easy.  So, how can someone fail you?

They can’t, really.

Maybe they fail to meet your expectations, which again falls right on us doesn’t it?  It is your expectation, isn’t it?

Which is why you really can’t count on a whole lot of people I’m very sad to say.  But, here and there, you’ll find some folks who will totally back you all the way and they’ll help you as much as possible.

There’s more that won’t though, sorry to say.  And they won’t even mean to do it.  Does it mean they’re bad folks?  Not really.  People are people.  They think they’re helping you all the time, even when they are very much decidedly NOT doing anything remotely close to helping you.

You really have only yourself to rely on I’m afraid.  For the most part, anyway…rare exceptions excluded.  You may have an awesome support group and you then are lucky as hell.  You need to be aware of that and be grateful as anything.

Now, why am I writing about this?

No reason at all, really.

Just trying not to fail anymore and trying not to blame anyone else for it.  That’s easy to do… well, for me anyway.  People are infuriating at times, what with them, insisting on doing their own thing and all.  I try not to blame other people for letting me down, because the expectations I put on myself are bad enough, let alone expecting other people to be on board.

Does this make sense?

Probably failing at that right now…oi!

Never ends.

Being afraid to fail is different than not wanting to fail.  I’m not afraid of failure as much as I am tired of failing.

So who needs to help me stop failing?



I’m the only one.  I have a small group of folks that are amazing and help me, but it’s really up to me.

So, I’ll keep swinging because the article I want to write about success is gonna  be awesome.

One day…



So, due to some ‘fun’ technical issues, the good old website is back and…well, being slowly improved upon…Thanks to everyone who told me the site had been down.  I really appreciate it!

There are a lot of cool things to come, including the addition of of new book projects, some fiction, some Wicked Library stuff and at long last, some music stuff as well.

I’m tired of saying I’m retired.  I’m just lazy, but I do have some stuff happening…two things in fact…more to come later!

Thanks for your kind attention!  New stuff here soon!



On The Road

That’s right!  Going on the road-not for music this time.  I’ll be going to two (so far) horror conventions in the next couple of months.

The first is one of my favoritesHorror Realm!  I’ll be there Friday and Saturday (March 7th and 8th) at the Post Mortem Press table with mega badass author Jessica McHugh and publisher head honcho, Eric Beebe.  Jess is way fun and you should come by just to meet her-it’s almost a deterrent that I’ll be there too…

I’ll be signing copies of DEMONS DOLLS AND MILKSHAKES and Jessica will be signing copies of her bounty of novels as well.  Come by, say hi and we might just sing show tunes until you buy stuff!

In April, I’ll be at Chiller Theatre in my home state of New Jersey!  Author Jason Downes will be swinging by and of course, the mighty Eric Beebe will be there as well.  I’ll be there the entire weekend (April 25th, 26th and 27th) so please stop by and say hello.  It’s no secret that I’ve always wanted to be on the other side of a table at Chiller, and this is a total charge for me; I’ve gone to Chiller for years, even after I relocated to Pittsburgh, and it’s always a really good time at the show.

If there are any other updates, I’ll be sure and post it here, or on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Rock on kiddies!!


Looking Ahead to 2014

As the year closes, in lieu of ‘reflecting’ on all the cool stuff that happened this year, I really want to focus on what’s ahead.  But, I do have to point out a few things that did happen this year because what is to come is based on these groovy things!

My first novel DEMONS, DOLLS and MILKSHAKES was released in September from Post Mortem Press and has done really very well in terms of sales and reviews.  A sequel is already under way and I’m hoping to have it done by midyear or earlier as well as a short story featuring the main demon of the story, the beloved and reviled Stitch.

 The Wicked Library rocketed into higher ground this year with the addition of two things; an audience for one thing and the addition of Maddie Von Stark.  Starting in April of 2013, Maddie has provided the artwork for every story that appeared on TWL.  She has also become the ‘other half’ of the show.  It’s an equal partnership and it has really upped the ante for what this show is capable of doing.  It’s been a hell of a year for both of us and we look forward to finishing season three (our most successful season yet) and introducing our new website in 2014!  Maddie is a total super badass author as well as being a top notch artist.  We have a whole lot of cool stuff to come!

Speaking of podcasting, the Society 13 Podcast Network that I co-run with David Fairhead did exceptionally well in 2013 since making its debut.  Our shows other than TWL, Kettle Whistle Radio, Mouthing Off and TBA with Mr. Pink all saw bigger audiences this year, putting us on the map.  Much more to come!  Thanks to Dave, Chris Westrick, Mr. Pink, as well as Lydia Peever, Mandy DeGeit, Miz Dee, Heather Taddy and the ever rotating cast of co-hosts on KWR. S13 is very much on the climb.

I have partnered up with actress and former fitness model Ahmo Hight to write her story, tentatively titled LIFE OUT OF CONTEXT.  She’s much more than a pretty face and the story she has to tell is shocking at times, inspiring in others.  It’s a great story of perseverance and triumph of the spirit by an amazing woman who has spent the majority of her life being worshipped and misunderstood-often at the same time.  What we’ve got so far is really great stuff and I’m looking very forward to helping Ahmo bring her story into the light.  This is a very exciting project for me as well for her.


I’m doing something called ‘A Story a Week.’ For the next 52 weeks, I’ll be writing a short story-one for every week (thus the name.)  This should get really interesting as it will get me closer to the work ethic of Jessica McHugh, who works harder at writing than anyone I know.

The final chapter in the “Forever After” web comic will officially come to a close this year provided Crystal Ash and I can get organized!  It seems we both got busy with other things and just never started the “Hunters Hunted” story, but we want to put it to bed and give our three vampire girls Brenda, Madeline and Eleanor a fitting farewell.

There will be new music from the band X-Proph3t coming up in 2014 as well as something really freaking cool that I am not at liberty to discuss, but it should be pretty damn cool…trust me.

I’m sure other stuff will come up and I’ll post about it as it comes along…no, really.  I will!

I want to thank everyone who helped make this one of the best years I’ve ever had as an author.

I hope 2014 is a good year for us all!



The Insult of Luck

People seem to want, even need luck of some sort. Hell, don’t we all feel lucky at some point?  Sure we do. When does the mention of luck ever bring anybody down, right?

When you’re a writer, the mention of luck can bring you down a lot.

Like, a whole lot.

I’ve worked really hard over the years, honing my skills as a writer. That means doing a fuckton of writing. Writing things that are terrible, just to finish them; writing stories that no one will ever see. Writing pure shit just to be able to tell the difference when you do actually write something good. Writing isn’t always a natural talent. More often than not, it’s a skill just like anything thing else. You have to practice. You have to do it every day, or as much as you can. It means (in my case) getting up at 4:30 am to write as much as possible before the kids wake up.

It also means rejection letters. A LOT of rejection letters. I thought I got rejected a lot when I was dating in High School. Or in college. Or as an adult….you get the idea. You go back, and you work on your budding skills and you send your work out again and again. Then you get told no again and again.

And then, you get the ‘yes’ and a contract and ideally, a check for your work.

Does any of that sound like luck?

Because, now that you’ve gotten published, there are going to be a lot of people that will congratulate you and almost certainly, one of them will say “Wow, you sure got lucky!”

If you’ve spent a lot of time burning midnight oil on writing and missing things just to get better at your craft, then being told you were lucky is going to piss you off just a little bit.

However, you have to rise above. That’s your ego, after all. Try not to take it too personally. There are a lot of things that go with being a writer. If you’ve been doing it for a while, you’ve probably developed a pretty thick skin. (Rejection letters will toughen you up.) But, you may not be ready to be told that all of your hard work is simply you being lucky for once.

What you need to keep in mind is that the person saying this to you probably isn’t a writer and wouldn’t know where to begin doing what you do. They don’t know they’re insulting you. They really are paying you a compliment in their eyes because they don’t know about fourth or fifth or twentieth rewrites, or not sleeping because the story wants out of your head, or everything you miss because you’re writing.

Remember this if someone attributes your success-big or small-to luck; you are lucky. You can do something few others can do. You can do something that people don’t or can’t do. You have follow through and determination. You don’t stop. You don’t quit. You carry on and you do what it is you do. You’re lucky because of that alone. It is work, it is passion and it is a gift that you give to yourself. You’re damn near a superhero. You create worlds, you populate that world and you get to share it with anyone who wants to see it. That is a lucky thing indeed.

Sure, when you get your first novel published and someone tells you “Boy, you sure are lucky,” it might piss you off. But don’t let it ruin it for you. To that person, you are pretty lucky because they never see the work. You’re making it look easy.

So rock on, you lucky so and so…now, get back to work.

One Month Later…

So, I reckon now, I’m a novelist.

For all the obvious reasons-I have a novel and you can buy it.  Does that make me a novelist, or do I need to write some more?

I may never figure it out, but I am working on the sequel to DEMONS, DOLLS & MILKSHAKES as we speak.  I’m about 80 pages in and I think you’re going to like this one.

At least I hope you do.

So many things popping around here, I can’t get into all of it.  The run-on sentence version is parenting, writing, podcast, website for said podcast, music, more writing, promotion for the existing book, writing, and on occasion, I can sleep.

Kind of.

I know I promised to do more on here, and I will.  I promise.

I’ll even get around to telling you about the hat I wear when I’m in ‘author mode.’  (You lucky bastards…)

Gotta get back to grinding out some stuff.  I hope you’re all doing well!


Buy DEMONS DOLLS AND MILKSHAKES if you haven’t already.  It makes me look good to the publishers and  you’re eventually gonna want more stuff from me (I hope.)



Demons, Dolls and Milkshakes and More

I’ve been honestly trying to update this website for two weeks!!  Sheesh…but, here we go!

The book is out!  You can get DEMONS, DOLLS, AND MILKSHAKES from Amazon, the main Post Mortem Press Website.  Sooner than later, pretty much everywhere I am as well.

This whole experience has been surreal. It’s Christmas when you’re 10 and you actually get everything you put on your wish list (if having your novel published was on your list.)

I’m really excited for people to read this book and I hope you, dear (and patient) reader are one of them!  there has been a lot of things happening at once.  I’ll get to them all sooner or later, but the book is paramount for me right now.

I’ll have info about the band (X-PROPH3T) and of course The Wicked Library (HUGE stuff going on there.)

If you want to catch up, here are a couple of links to tide you over with the whole ‘What the hell has Nelson been doing??’  (Or maybe even the whole “Why the fuck do we care what he’s been doing?”)

First, click this link to hear an interview with me and my band X-Proph3t on Kettle Whistle Radio with David Fairhead.  It’s a fun one with songs to listen to and as Dave cracks wise with me, Chuck and Tony.

Second, a one on one interview with Dr. Jon Towers from Red Horse Radio.  It’s a funny, frank interview about the book, Society 13, music and fun stuff.  Very cool interview!

I hope all is well with you-more updates with a bit more frequency-promise!