Here’s links for cool things in the space I occupy and share with everyone else whether anyone else cares or not.  Also, some damn awesome writers and artists.  Because of course I have a Facebook  page…  The web comic created by Crystal Ash and myself… Home of “Story Time at the Wicked Library with Nelson W Pyles” as well as “Kettle Whistle Radio with David Fairhead and Heather Taddy” and of course, “Red Horse Radio” with rotating hosts, Shane Gurensey, Rick Dembrowski and Jon Towers a/k/a….Jonny Axx!  Few artists can kick your ass.  Jonny can figureitvely AND physically, just whip your ass.  He’s the baddest badass I know.  My partner in crime for the web comic “Forever After.”  A damn fine publisher!  Another damn fine publisher!  A rocking fellow author and prolific-10 novels in 4 years??  Bacdafucup!  She’s good! Rockin’ Canadian author that I’ve been writing about in recent days.  Good writer and a soldier for the independent author.  The Horror Writers Association-a proud member of a damn fine organization! Master Joe has been and is one of my favorite writers.  Ever.  And, he’s one hell of a nice guy.  You should consider owning just about every single one of his books.

Got a website and wanna link up?  Let me know-email me!